High availability


ive setup dgraph via docker compose,
i have 2 server node connected to zero node.
but when 1 node is down, seems like node1 will also be down.

is there a way to setup in a way that it only requires 1 / X number of node online?

thank you

You can “/removeNode?id=2&group=2”

Check this

hi @MichelDiz

i tried removing and it works, but how do i add back another node to the same group?
my both my node could not connect back to zero

and is there a parameter to ask a node to connect as group X?

I believe you can not return a Node that has been removed, but you can create new ones. Then Zero will fill this new one.


sorry, how do i remove a group?
and how do i transfer all tablets from 1 group to another?

In the doc’s link you’ll get that answer.

  • /moveTablet?tablet=name&group=2 This endpoint can be used to move a tablet to a group. Zero already does shard rebalancing every 8 mins, this endpoint can be used to force move a tablet.
  • /removeNode?id=3&group=2 If a replica goes down and can’t be recovered, you can remove it and add a new node to the quorum. This endpoint can be used to remove a dead Zero or Dgraph server node. To remove dead Zero nodes, just pass group=0 and the id of the Zero node.

About removing a group, I’m not sure but maybe if you remove all nodes from that group you can achieve this.


Regarding group removal, see this topic:

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