How can I append element to array wiht graphql

Hi, I’m using graphql with Dgraph2.0.
Here is my schema:

type User {
    name String! @id
    interest [String!]

Then, how can I add an element to the “interest” array?
I tried something like this:

mutation {
    updateUser(input: {
        filter: {name: {eq:"Somebody"}},
        set:{interest: append("football")}
    }) {

But it didn’t work, so how can I make the mutation with graphql?
I don’t want to write the entire array like this: set:{interest:["cook", "reading", "football"]}, just want to append element what I want.

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Oh, my fault.
It’s very easy to append element, just set: {interest: ["football"]}, it will add element “football” to interest, not just set the interest to ["football"].
I inspire by graphql±doc – “A set operation adds to the list of values. The order of the stored values is non-deterministic.”

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By the way, remove: {interest:[""]} to empty the array.