How to access vlog files of badger

(Francesco Pessolano) #1

When running an app using badger with -race I get continuously race warnings. I would like to understand the issue and would love to read the badger vlog file.
How can I read them?

(Ashish) #2

@fpessolano badger is safe for concurrent writes. db.Update method can be used to write data from different threads. Can you tell us more details, how are you writing data to Badger?

(Francesco Pessolano) #3

I see I posted also on GitHub, I am revisit all code first and will reply on github. I would still like to know how to read the vlog files if possible.

(Ibrahim Jarif) #4

@fpessolano You can try hexdump -C *.vlog to see the contents of the vlog file.