How to Create edge(Relationship) using c# client


How to create an edge for existing nodes using c# client .Let say i have created one node name “Person”, later i have created another node “Job”.I need to give relationship between “Person” and “Job”.For This iam able to get the uid from Person Node,but how will give based on this uid to Job uid.

using schema:

    _:person<name> "Ram" .
    _:person <id> "123-of-12" .
   _:job<name> "Development" .
   _:job<Id> "dev-123" .
_:person <Role>   _:job .

so from above how can we create using c# client (Assume Person node had created before job node created )

humm, you need to understand the differences between blank node and existing ones.
Check our tour for mutation introduction

Basically is:

New person for an existing job
_:person <Role> <0x4e030f> .

Existing person for an existing job
<0xf432> <Role> <0x4e030f> .

Thank You For Reply

Now I am able to create with json format
“uid”: “0x123”,
“link”: {
“uid”: “0x456”

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