How to delete PRED so that it no longer appears in the cluster-list?

I tried the following

upsert {
  query {
    v as var(func: has(follower)) {

  mutation {
    # we copy the values from the old predicate

    # and we delete the old predicate
    delete {
      uid(v) <follower> * .


But it is still displayed in the cluster list!

Forcing refresh-page(ctrl+F5) is useless too.

Well, if you use the drop pred in the PrintScreen you have shared. You should be able to rip it off from the DB. It works fine on my end tho. If it isn’t working at your side, maybe something is reintroducing the schema every time.

The Upsert Block isn’t useful in this context. It should be used for values, not to drop predicates in the cluster itself.

If you are talking about to “no longer appear at the Cluster Panel”. Well, that’s a different thing. It should disappear from there in a few hours. If you notice that it took a day or more to disappear, please open an issue cuz that would be a bug.


Yeah,I’m talking about “no longer appear at the Cluster Panel”,So there is no way to take edffect immediately? Thanks for your answer.

take effect

No, no way as far as I know. But I think someone had mentioned this some time ago. Not sure if they have opened a ticket for this. But in the end, that’s not an important thing. It won’t bother the day to day use. And it also doesn’t export that predicate.

But if you find that it is important, check if there’s no duplicated and create one if so.

Ok,thanks a lot!