How to divide big RDF file to multiple small files & use embedding?

Suppose I have a big RDF file, called “A”. I divide “A” to small “B” & “C” files. The file “C” depends on file “B” . So The main question is: How to use file “B” in file “C” & import file “C” in Dgraph database? Is this possible at all? please help me.

You can use or
Both will use all RDFs in a given path. But this in a single bulk/batch. If you do loads on distinct moments they will not relate.

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Hi, How to create gzipped file from multiple RDF files? Should I just compress them to “.tar.gz” or “.zip” file? What about the relation between rdf files. How to make those files to relate to each other?

You don’t need to create any gzipped file. If you use “dot” in the -r flag Dgraph will seek for RDF, GZ or any other type compatible.


./dgraph bulk -r . -s 1million.schema --zero localhost:5080 --map_shards=4 --reduce_shards=2

Just use the same Blank node in all RDFs - check this part of the tour

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Is “-r .” recursive? I mean does this flags makes bulk loader to search inner folders?

Yes, It will seek for any RDF below that path. Including inner folders.

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Thank you so much for your help.

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