How to generate a query string properly?

We want to use Dgraph in online graph query engine (in Java). The graph query engine will receive user’s query wrapping in protobuf date type. Is there some tool to help to construct the valid Graphql± query string with some parameters, such as the predicate, filter…? I feel it is error-prone to create the query string directly to support many different query scenarios…
Could anyone please help on that?

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There is not a tool that can create Queries for Dgraph. But you just need to learn the basics of query building. From there you can do whatever you want.

I believe there is no such tool for GraphQL also. It would be interesting. But it would work hard to build something like that.

If you use Ratel you can have something close to it, Ratel helps you identify predicates. And you can manage your schema via Ratel UI.

a Graphql± query is just strings .
what you need is just generate strings.
you can write some query templates and render it by yourself.
or use functions combinators to gennerate query strings.
It’s a difficult jobs. However, it’s also a solvable question.

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