How to get longest path from node to node? and how to list leaf nodes only for recurse query?

Hi there,
Could you help to provide some usage examples for following needs? Thanks

  1. Using recurse query, find all nodes from a ROOT node, but only return a list of leaf nodes.
  2. Find the longest path from node to node. For example, P1 to P4. We are sure the paths from P1 to P4 are limited


name: string @index(exact) .
to: [uid] .
  set {
    <0x11> <name> "P1" .
    <0x12> <name> "P2" .
    <0x13> <name> "P3" .
    <0x14> <name> "P4" .
    <0x15> <name> "P5" .
    <0x16> <name> "P6" .

    <0x11> <to> <0x12> .
    <0x11> <to> <0x13> .
    <0x12> <to> <0x14> .
    <0x13> <to> <0x15> .
    <0x15> <to> <0x14> .
    <0x15> <to> <0x16> .


Recurse Query

  fo(func: eq(name, "P1")) @recurse(loop: false) {

Result what we want, only return leaf nodes:

  "data": {
    "fo": [
        "name": "P4"
        "name": "P6"

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