How to implement custom id to replace uid, and different nodes are associated according to id

I plan to generate a unique id to replace uid based on twitter’s snowflake algorithm. And all nodes are associated according to id, not uid.

please help me.

You can’t replace uids because that is internally used by dgraph for processing. You can look into assigning xids to each node based on your algorithm.

Oh,so sad. If I give up dgraph in the future, maybe this is one of the reasons…

How to associate between xid?

xid can be treated like just another predicate. From the docs here

<0x123> <xid> "" .

Yeah. I know, I mean is it possible to create edge by xid instead of uid ?

Not directly but you can search for nodes with some xid, save uid of those nodes in a variable and then create edges using that variable. See section: External IDs and Upsert Block in the docs.

   upsert {
      query {
        var(func: eq(SOME_XID, "Robin Wright")) {
          Person as uid
      mutation {
          set {
           uid(Person) <xid> SomeXID .
           uid(Person) <edge1> something something .
           uid(Person) <edge2> something something .
           uid(Person) <dgraph.type> SomeType .