How to implement @recurse + expand(_all_)

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type Person {
pname string
type Car {
color string
link Person
pname: string @index(exact) .
color: @string @index(exact) .
link: uid @reverse .

I want to query one car’s all info by pname, BUT the query not work
node(func: eq(pname, “wZGWuMneOg”)) {
tar as uid
q(func: uid(tar)) @recurse{

The official user guide is so unfriendlly and example is too less. Really want to give up using DGraph


Are you using DQL with a GrapQL schema? How did you input/mutate your data?

Finally, in order to get backward edges, I use “big wild table”, each real table link to TABLE TABLE.

so the input like this,
q(func: eq(actor_name, “Bruce Lee”)) {
~movie_actor {
tar as uid
query(func: uid(tar)) {
expand(all) {

FYI. My data models like this:

_:actor <actor_name> “Bruce Lee” .
_:actor <dgraph.type> “Actor” .
_:director <director_name> “Sp” .
_:director <dgraph.type> “Director” .
_:car <car_model> “Tesla” .
_:car <dgraph.type> “Car” .
_:staff <staff_name> “Andy” .
_:staff <dgraph.type> “Staff” .
_:tag <tag_name> “Comedy” .
_:tag <dgraph.type> “Tag” .
_:movie <movie_name> “Q” .
_:movie <dgraph.type> “Movie” .
_:movie <movie_actor> _:actor .
_:movie <movie_director> _:director .
_:movie <movie_staff> _:staff .
_:movie <movie_tag> _:tag .
_:staff <staff_car> _:car .

As you saw, Each Type links to MOVIE type, as Two Level Tree

So, I could get whole relevant data by inputing only three conditions which are “actor_name,” “Bruce Lee” and “movie_type” in my java/go code.

BTW, why “forward” is deprecated?