How to import files g01.gql_schema.gz , g01.json.gz , g01.schema.gz

i have some files which exported g01.gql_schema.gz , g01.json.gz , g01.schema.gz i need to import those files to dgraph

You can import g01.json.gz and g01.schema.gz in bulk or live mode, and then import the contents of g01.gql_schema.gz through GraphQL API.

i tried via live loader “dgraph live -f g01.json.gz” giving me the output like below…how to check it

[Decoder]: Using assembly version of decoder
I0307 05:23:49.452794 1346 init.go:98]

Dgraph version : v2.0.0-beta1
Dgraph SHA-256 : 8be35e7e662bb72f39f5db697c44cc5415a91e4989e6014a61b69104f87d7310
Commit SHA-1 : 6fac5d7c4
Commit timestamp : 2020-01-30 14:45:54 +1100
Branch : HEAD
Go version : go1.13.7

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Licensed variously under the Apache Public License 2.0 and Dgraph Community License.
Copyright 2015-2018 Dgraph Labs, Inc.

Running transaction with dgraph endpoint:
Found 1 data file(s) to process
Processing data file “g01.json”
Number of TXs run : 14
Number of N-Quads processed : 13506
Time spent : 951.377452ms
N-Quads processed per second : 13506

You can use the count function to verify the amount of data.