How to imporve query performance and be avoid from out of memory

What I want to do

I have a batch search and mutation with 200000 datas.
data schema has index predicate

What I did

I will search first:
query1(func: type(ip_address)) @filter(eq(, “xxx”)) {
… so many
query200000(func: type(xxxx))@filter(eq(xxx,“xxx”) and @filterxxx{xxxx}

my data is 400M in disk
but memory used more than10G and out of memory

so what can I do?
purpose :
I want to find uid firstly, and put uid to every data json uid and update them

Change the root function to be like:

query1(func: eq(, “xxx”)) @filter(type(ip_address)) {
  # other…
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thank you,it is solved!

and I have some another questions:
1.Is it possible to change max32 to max64 to increase grpc call body size by modify code GrpcMaxSize?

2.I mutation a very large json,but it mutation so slow,What’s wrong with this? (8 cpu, 16g memory)

},…(here has 10000 ~ 50000 datas


  1. no idea, out of my scope of expertise.

  2. use smaller data sets? :man_shrugging:

See recommendation hardware:

Production checklist - Deploy.

I use reverse with uid predicate between ip_address and subnet,so in my one big json there has some problems that lead to the low performance ?