How to query by chinese predicate name after adding chinese rdf successfully?

hi,I have added chinese rdf in dgraph successfully as below , But the question is that I don’t know how to query chinese predicate from dgraph. can you help me to make it? many thanks.

add successfully :

query failed:

Hi @wwwjljj,

Can you try executing the query without ’ ’ inside has ?
That is instead of my(func: has('XYZ')) { , can you try my(func: has(XYZ)) {

I was able to query without ‘’ .

You can find more about i18n predicates here.

I executed the query without ‘’ ,but it failed again.

I am sorry. I copied the wrong function which had worked.
Can you try my(func: has(<XYZ>)) { ?

yes! It works. Thank you very much.

Thank you , it works for me too :grin: