How to remove unhealthy group?

I change alpha server to alpha1 server, so alpha server is unhealthy.
We alse can find alpha server is unhealthy at ratel ui.
But when i remove node from cluster, it always return an error of Move all tablets from group 1 before removing the last node.
The node is unhealthy, so i also can’t remove tablets.
How to remove unhealthy group?

You might just kill the unhealthy instance. Cleanup its folders/paths (due to some contextual data that will remain there). And give a new instance with a new Raft ID to the cluster. With the flag --idx=4. It should work.

BTW, you have also to do /removeNode?id=3&group=3 if that doesn’t work. Try what I said.

As you have “renamed” the my flag. You might have to do this also the other instance.

Yes, it’s works.Thank you.

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