How to return node have specific edges?

I want to return uid of nodes which has some specific edges, what I want to do is

    var (func: has(useroplog)) {
        A as uid
        useroplog @filter( ge(OplogOptime,"2018-04-24T00:00:00Z" ) and le(OplogOptime, "2018-04-24T23:59:59Z" )  and ( eq(OplogOptype,"GroupSpaceInfo") or  eq(OplogOptype,"SURVEYQUERYBATCH") or eq(OplogOptype, "QuerySignInBatch") or eq(OplogOptype, "QueryCommitBatch"))) {
            B: A
    Final(func: uid(B)) @groupby(MgoUserListUniversityname)  {

I want get all of A which has connection to specific operation, and group As by properties of A. How can I achieve this?

Sorry, I can use @cascade. please close this.

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