How to specify multiple files when dGraph Live Loader

How to specify multiple files when Dgraph Live Loader, such as Dgraph live -f *.json.gz

From docs:

-f, --files : Location of *.rdf(.gz) or *.json(.gz) file(s) to load. It can load multiple files in a given path. If the path is a directory, then all files ending in .rdf, .rdf.gz, .json, and .json.gz will be loaded.

That is, you only need to provide the path for the files that Dgraph will automatically load all compatible datasets there.

Great, thanks for your help.

hi, @MichelDiz
This error is reported when too many files are loaded or when files are too large. Where could this be going wrong?

There’s no error on the print screen. Aborts are totally fine. Dgraph will retry later.

hi @MichelDiz
Sorry, I didn’t complete the screenshot

This is an error screenshot