How to use @cascade in GraphQL

Reading the changelog:

Introduce @cascade in GraphQL. Fixes #4789. (#5179)

Which should reference #5511 (cascade) instead of #5179 (auth)

I understand this is on the bleeding edge and still only available on the master branch. And I understand there is no docs for it at this time. I am just wondering how it might work?

Given example:

type Person {
  id: ID!
  name: String @search(by: [hash, regexp, fulltext])
  hasGiven: [Donations] @hasInverse(field: from)
  hasReceived: [Donations] @hasInverse(field: to)

type Donations {
  id: ID!
  amount: Float! @search
  from: Person @hasInverse(field: hasGiven)
  to: Person @hasInverse(field: hasReceived)

If I want to be able to use cascade to find only people who have given or find people who have only received, I understand that I would put @cascade on:
hasGiven: [Donations] @hasInverse(field: from) @cascade
hasReceived: [Donations] @hasInverse(field: to) @cascade

But, after submitting the new schema (using :master image in docker) I am not seeing any difference in the schema giving me the cascade or filter options. The schema is accepted as valid though.

Is there a trick to using this somehow?

Oh, I think I figured it out!

you simply use the @cascade as a directive while writing the GraphQL query itself:

  queryPerson @cascade {
    hasGiven {
      to {
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Yes, that’s right. You should just use the directive at any level in the query that you want to apply it at. You don’t have to specify it in the schema.

I made a pull request to update the docs: docs(GraphQL): Added docs for query directives by amaster507 · Pull Request #15 · dgraph-io/graphql-dgraph-web · GitHub