How to write a query that group facets from multi edges together?

Assume we have many nodes representing individual people, and there are two kinds of predicates “like” and “believe” connecting these node, each predicate has a facet value called “v”.

Now I want to write a query to list the relations between peoples with all the edge values: eg:

           'from_name': 'Alice',
           'to_name': 'Bob',
           'like|v': 100,
           'believe|v': -100,
           'from_name': 'Alice',
           'to_name': 'Chara',
           'like|v': -20,
           'believe|v': 80,

I tried doing it like:

edges(func: has(like)) {
    like @facets { to_name:name }
    believe @facets {uid}

But this would not group all edges facets together

I did not get it, can you show a pseudo-result from what you imagine it would be?