I Need Guidance on Schema Design and Query Optimization in Dgraph

Hey Dgraph gurus, :innocent:

I am building a project with it as the data storage. I’ve got the basics down, but I’m stuck on two things: designing the data structure (schema) and making my searches super fast.

Here is where I need your help:

  • What are the best ways to design schemas in Dgraph, especially when things get complicated with lots of connections and different types of data? How can I use Dgraph’s special features to make my data easy to manage and find?
  • Some searches are taking forever, especially when I look for stuff that’s buried deep in the data. Are there tricks to setting things up so Dgraph finds what I need faster?
  • When building applications with Dgraph, how do you decide how to structure the data? Is it better to keep things connected or separate? Does this impact how fast searches are?
  • Anyone got stories of how they used Dgraph’s schema design and search tricks to build something awesome? Seeing how others do it would be a big help!
  • Any special tools, helper libraries, or resources from the Dgraph community that make schema design, fast searches, or Dgraph development in general easier?

I also check this: https://discuss.dgraph.io/t/dgraph-database-design-for-schema-on-read-structureqliksense and share any pointers on how to tackle these challenges would be amazing! Your expertise would help me use Dgraph to store and find data like a champ.

Thanks a bunch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: