I'd like to build my own Graph Database, where should I start?

Hey! I’d like to build my own Graph Database Engine as an interesting project where I could learn a lot of cool stuff :slight_smile:

I don’t know where to start, the project doesn’t have to be too complex at the beginning but I’d like to make it complex eventually. I’m not seeking to make the new Graph Database competitor but to make some functional real-world product and learn a lot about the internals along the way.

Any suggestions, recommendations, opinions, ideas and resources will be kindly appreciated!

Graph isn’t complicated. So you can do this. What is hard is horizontal distribution(which what Dgraph does).

You should start with “Graph Theory”.

However I wouldn’t know what to recommend. You can start anyway, it doesn’t have a secret or recipe. Graph is just math.

Perhaps this book will help you.

The Practitioner’s Guide to Graph Data

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