Import `schema.txt` and `sql.rdf` to Slash GraphQL

I used the SQL to DGraph migration tool to generate schema.txt and sql.rdf files from a MySQL database. The tutorial explains how to import this data into a DGraph instance running on localhost:

dgraph live -z localhost:5080 -a localhost:9080 --files sql.rdf --format=rdf --schema schema.txt

I tried replacing localhost:5080 and localhost:9080 with my endpoint without success.

There’s another tutorial on importing data into Slash using live loader. It uses this command:

docker run -it --rm -v /path/to/g01.json.gz:/tmp/g01.json.gz dgraph/dgraph:v20.07-slash \
  dgraph live --slash_grpc_endpoint=<grpc-endpoint>:443 -f /tmp/g01.json.gz -t <api-token>

I’m quite confused here. Here JSON data is uploaded while schema and rdf is not mentioned. How do I upload the generated schema.txt and sql.rdf to Slash GraphQL?


Issue resolved, please look at this answer.

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