Importing Excel data into Dgraph


I am working on a project utilizing dgraph as the database and will need to eventually migrate data from an excel file to the database. How do I migrate data from excel to the dgraph database?

You can use Open Refine(a ex-google tool). There is an option that export to JSON. Their JSON is valid for us. But not sure how complex is your data. If it is complex, you should come up with a plan of migration.

Excel can export in CSV. One approach is to transform the CSV to load your data as entities and relationships in Dgraph. We are planning to include this capability in our clients, for now we can share scripts to help you. The first step for you is to understand which node types will be created, their attribute and the relationships ( the graph schema), then to understand the mapping.
It could be very easy if your Excel is about one “thing” and all comluns are just attributes for this thing, or a bit more complex if one row is actually describing multiple “things”. Please share more details (your graph schema, the column headers, if you have multiple sheets etc …). We will point you in the right direction… also or you more on python client or go client?