Index term not work


My Dgraph Schema Look like

Test {
type1 string @index(exact) .
type2 string @index(term) . ex) “none”, “category 1 : semicategory”
type3 string @index(term) .

We had a huge data( 200m edge). To insert data on dgraph, we use bulk option.

When i was testing data with 2m edge test data. It works well about term index search like eq, allofterms, anyofterms

But when i was testing with 200m edge. Term index was not working but all other exact index is working well

Ex. @filter(eq(type1, “none”)) → then dgraph return type1 is not “none”

But i update a specific data to set type 1 to “none” above query was work only specific data.

could you tell me why this happen? and how could i fix this issue?