Input fields set to null cause Internal Server Error

Hey guys,

I’ve probably found a bug in mutations, see the picture below:

The mutation M works only if there is the only field id in filter - it fails when I add also fields like and with the value null.

I use a code generator to have typed queries so I can’t easily remove those extra fields and I assume it’s the valid mutation even with optional fields set to null.

Thank you!

Hey @MartinKavik

That seems like a bug for sure. What version of Dgraph are you using?

Hi @pawan,

I use Slash and Settings -> Info tells me Dgraph Version v20.07.1-rc1-15-g1aed0c46. Do you need to know anything else?

(Sorry, I’ve added the category Issues | Slash GraphQL but I forgot to mention it explicitly because I’ve copy-pasted the report from the mails with

Got it, thanks! We’ll get it fixed ASAP. Thanks for the report.

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Fixed by: