Install script is broken

Installing dgraph as system service on centos isn’t working from install script as below url is returning 404

This is referred in

I think this is something else. I just started a new Ubuntu VM and ran the script. It is working fine. (see

This address is by default unavailable, what is available, is the actual resource if you put the exact address to it. If you have a single character missing. It will be 404.

I looked into into, problem for me was sudo wasn’t working in this below command

$sudo_cmd curl -LJ --progress-bar "$_alpha" -o "$systemdPath/dgraph-alpha.service

Also found one more minor issue, when I run install script twice, with --systemd, then it fails at

$sudo_cmd groupadd --system dgraph

since group dgraph already exists, it s minor fix, something like below will work

$sudo_cmd getent group >/dev/null || groupadd --system dgraph

Same is true for useradd too

Yep, I have a PR to fix that. Just waiting review.

That’s odd. The Script checks for sudo. And asks the user the password. Would you mind to share details of your distro so I can try to reproduce and find a fix to prevent this?