Interesting AWS announcement: "Neptune" graph database service

I was just sent this link this morning: Amazon introduces an AWS graph database service called Amazon Neptune.

I personally think Dgraph has an edge due to GraphQL±. From a cursory search, I’m not sure if Neptune has transactions, although Amazon Neptune - Fast, Reliable Graph Database built for the cloud states “With Amazon Neptune, you can use relationships to process financial and purchase transactions…”. From Amazon Neptune – A Fully Managed Graph Database Service | AWS News Blog, it appears Alexa uses Neptune.

As our product scales, we will want to simplify deployments and database upgrades as much as possible, so having dgraph as a service would probably very interesting. Hopefully creating new instances could play well with container orchestration services (apparently AWS just launched one to compete with GKE, per AWS’s container service gets support for Kubernetes – TechCrunch).

Exciting times…

I just wrote about this:


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