Intermittent 401 Access Denied for DQL in Strict Mode

On my Dgraph Cloud /query (DQL) endpoint I am experiencing intermittent 401 with the response:

  data: null,
  errors: [{
    message: "Access Denied"

I am using the same API Admin Key that was working before and is now only intermittently working ??

At the same time, the /graphql endpoint is not having any issues. This seems odd.

In the /health endpoint I am seeing "ongoing":["opRollup"] but I usually see something to this effect most every time I look at health. No idea why my DQL query would be blocked for Access Denied one minute and then work the next with nothing changing all the while the other endpoints appear to be solid.

And of course, I can’t see any logs on Dgraph Cloud Shared instance to get any insight into reasoning if this is due to a higher query volume from users that is causing this or something else. Please direct or provide insight where to look for insight.

Do I need to open another support ticket?

Update: @pbassham informed me he was seeing cors errors on the /graphql endpoint too, but we don’t have any cors settings configured. :man_shrugging:

Can you please open a support ticket?