Introduction - Slash graphql

Slash GraphQL Provides /graphql Backend for Your App

Please see the following topics:

  • The QuickStart will help you get started with a Slash GraphQL Schema, starting with a multi tenant todo app
  • Administering your Backend covers topics such as how to programatically set your schema, and import or export your data
    • Authentication will guide you in creating a API token. Since all admin APIs require an auth token, this is a good place to start.
    • Schema describes how to programatically query and update your GraphQL schema.
    • Import and Exporting Data is a guide for exporting your data from a Slash GraphQL backend, and how to import it into another cluster
    • Dropping Data will guide you through dropping all data from your Slash GraphQL backend.
  • Advanced Queries With GraphQL+- speaks about how to interact with your database via the gRPC endpoint.

You might also be interested in: * Dgraph GraphQL Schema Reference, which lists all the types and directives supported by Dgraph * Dgraph GraphQL API Reference, which serves as a guide to using your new /graphql endpoint

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