Introspection on Dgraph-generated types


I haven’t been able to figure out the best way to perform an introspection against what the Dgraph-generated types look like. From the schema docs:

For each type, Dgraph generates a number of GraphQL types needed to operate the GraphQL API, these generated type names also can’t be present in the input schema. For example, for a type Author , Dgraph generates AuthorFilter , AuthorOrderable , AuthorOrder , AuthorRef , AddAuthorInput , UpdateAuthorInput , AuthorPatch , AddAuthorPayload , DeleteAuthorPayload and UpdateAuthorPayload . Thus if Author is present in the input schema, all of those become reserved type names.

How can I tell what the individual payloads look like? I was able to figure out some of the inputs through trial and error but the outputs (e.g. DeleteAuthorPayload) remains illusive.

I also have a couple other questions on another thread regarding best practices.


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