Is a binary ast API availbe?

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What I want to do

Using a string literal in client manipulates the dgraph server that is annoying. But with a AST api for dgraph server to receive the query or mutation is helpful to write a ORM…

Yet, i working hard on my English, if there is anything confusing, please points is out!

What I did

try to Write a ORM for using dgraph

Dgraph metadata

dgraph version


If you search in Github’s search bar about “Dgraph ORM” you will find some repos created by the community.

Annoying how?

using dql to query database, when do not use the autogenerate graph API.

This is a bit confusing. DQL doesn’t have AST or autogenerate graph API. But GraphQL does have both of them. You mentioned Dgraph ORM, now feels like you are talking about GraphQL, but there’s no GraphQL ORM as far as I know. Maybe you think like that cuz we use GraphQL as a native query lang. Maybe you could create an ORM for that. But I’m not sure. Cuz ORM are related to DBs, and GraphQL is a multisource lang(in Dgraph’s case it is used as a native language).

You said that, but I wanna understand what you did and what you mean with that phrase.

So, you are mixing your code with DQL and autogenerate GraphQL? If so, you need to understand very well the whole conventions we have in Dgraph made just for GraphQL.