Is DGraph the Cassandra of Graph DB?

From the look of it, it appears that DGraph is Cassandra of Graph DB where it can support hundreds of terabytes of data across thousands of nodes. I am playing around with DGraph using its drivers in Elixir. Hoping to see more of it.

I cannot find the product roadmap and the vision of DGraph. It would be helpful to learn more about it.

Can be this? Product Roadmap 2018

PS: And this

About Cassandra. I understand that it’s not a relational DB but noSQL. Although the Dgraph is noSQL, it can be relational between nodes. I also believe that Cassandra is not ACID, since the Dgraph is. There is no default hierarchy in Dgraph and there are transactions thing that there is not in Cassandra.

I personally (as a DB user) do not know much about Cassandra, but I know it’s different from Dgraph. You may be comparing the idea of replication and clustering. In that case there are features of Cassandra that resemble each other.

And yes, Dgraph can handle an absurd amount of data in a distributed way.

Dgraph is the “Spanner of Graph DBs.” :slight_smile:

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