Is it not possible to use has() to check if a facet exists?

Currently trying a query like below:

            query(func: uid(0xfffd8d67d83cf7fc)) {
                next @facets(has(facet1)) {

And I get the error message: One argument expected in has, but got 0.


Also, the error messages generally seem very confusing.

This syntax below is equivalent to “has” func.

next @facets(facet1)

if it doesn’t exist, it will be empty.

But it doesn’t do a filter. @MichelDiz

I am looking for a equivalent for

next @facets(eq(facet1, 1))

but instead of checking value, just check presence of the facet.

I see, there is this issue related to this.

Facets needs improvements. But as there’s none interest from the community, it gets low priority.

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