Is it possible to configure dgraph to generate snake case resolvers instead of camel case?

Is it possible to configure Dgraph to generate snake case resolvers?

The documentation uses snake case:


However, the resolvers that are generated are camelCase, meaning that my snake case predicates get mixed with camel case resolvers:

Guess I need to change everything back to camel case??

EDIT: I did some research on this, some documentation insists that GraphQL is meant to be camelCase, but there are mainstream GraphQL engines that use snake_case. Hasura for example.

Hasura has recently released a feature that allows you to choose which casing you want: Introducing camelCase for generated names - YouTube

GraphQL Ruby (used by Gitlab) uses camelCase in the schema, but converts it to snake_case at runtime: GraphQL - Objects

Absinthe (Elixir GraphQL library has logic that transforms snake_case into camelCase)

Right, that documentation was for straight-up DQL types and predicates. Since GraphQL is de facto camelCase, the team followed suit. There is no way to configure case-ness (word?) of the GraphQL generated resolvers.

ok. I converted my schema back to camelCase. thankfully GitHub - tpope/vim-abolish: abolish.vim: easily search for, substitute, and abbreviate multiple variants of a word, GitHub - mg979/vim-visual-multi: Multiple cursors plugin for vim/neovim and errors from Home – GraphQL Code Generator made this pretty straightforward.