Is it possible to enable ACL on docker standalone image?

I’m trying to write a PR for dgraph-js-http, and the first step I’m taking is to write a test case that covers the issue in question. The tests log into Dgraph using the ACL clientStub.login() function.

How do I enable ACL on a locally running instance of Dgraph when using Docker? Currently using the standalone image.

looks like I need to create a docker-compose file and config file like this: Dgraph 1.2.6 Accepts Login Despite Auth Token Configured

Docker Compose wrapper for the docker CLI. It essentially allows orchestrate 1+ docker containers in an more intuitive YAML.

You can do the same with Docker CLI, it is just a matter of injecting the appropriate commands or configurations into the container at runtime. You can use a configuration file, command line flags, or environment variables (see It looks like for Docker Standalone image, because it runs all the commands in, the easiest path is to use an environment variable and also mount a secret into the container (see

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