Is there a concept of "namespaces" or logically separating graphs in dgraph?

We’re considering a few different ways to reingest all the data we have in dgraph without standing-up a fully new dgraph cluster. Our process, in the past, has been to export Elastic JSON data, perform some transformations to get it into DGraph format, and then ingest it to dgraph - all of this was into a fresh/clean dgraph cluster.

We were discussing that it would be a lot simpiler if we could reingest the data into the current dgraph cluster, but it be logically separated from the current data that is in there (a namespace?).

I know there’s a concept of namespaces for enterprise dgraph with multi-tenancy, however, we don’t have the enterprise version and really don’t have a need for multi-tenancy from an organization perspective…

I was hoping the community may have some thoughts suggestions here.


Prefix your predicates and type names.

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