Is there a publicly available grammar for the DQL language?

Hello everyone,

I have been looking for a formal specification of the DQL language in the form of a context-free grammar (for example, in EBNF notation), but I haven’t found it yet. Is there any document or file where I can find it? Could anyone provide it to me?

I noticed that since the beginnings of Dgraph there have been some comments about this (see ANTLR for parsing languages and specs, and I haven’t found anything in the repository regarding this (although I have found the parser, but I want to avoid reverse engineering to deduce the grammar, as well as automatic grammar inference from examples in the language).

Thank you very much.


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Regrettably there is not. When DQL was first developed, the golang ecosystem lacked BNF-based or similar tooling to leverage a formal grammar, so it was developed differently.

Can you let us know what you would like to use the grammar for? We may be able to suggest workarounds.