Is there a recommended route to using dgraph with a Django application?

I want to add dgraph as an additional database in my Django application - the other database being PostgreSQL (and on which Django and some other tables can be store). I have a particular part of my schema that is very suited to a graph database (it is basically a series of DAGs, some of which could potentially grow quite huge).

I have not yet tried anything as would like to know if anyone has been successful first, I feel like it could be possible to create bindings using django-graphene?

There’s a Python client that you could use server side:, the python client might be preferable to the graphene one because it communicates via gRPC which is faster, and because it communicates using DQL you can do transactions (which aren’t yet available in graphql).

Alternatively, you could run graphql queries client side using JS, or server-side with django-graphene.

What are the most important queries/mutations you need to do?