Joschka Tillmanns - When Dgraph + GraphQL Becomes Boring

About Joschka

Hi, I’m Joschka, a Software Engineer and recent Co-founder of the startup Mooncamp based in Cologne! I previously worked for, a successful e-commerce company, where I was responsible for supporting the company’s growth by shifting the organization’s tech architecture to microservices. I’m fascinated by cloud technologies and complex engineering problems.

When Dgraph + GraphQL Becomes Boring

In this talk, Joschka will be diving into Mooncamp’s experience with Dgraph GraphQL and sharing best practices that improve its workflow.

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Hi Joschka:
Do you feel graphql and dgraph can simplify microservices development. IMO, I feel we often miss out on the role of graphql in managing bounded contexts and their interconnected-ness, and your insight will be valuable to us. Thanks!

Way new to Graph but your note had me scratching my brains.
Since you have mentioned boring, can I ask if you could share one scenario where you could have absolutely omitted working with Graph?

Thanks & looking forward to your note!

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Hi @JoeD1992

Do you mean, where I could have achieved better results without the use of GraphQL?, because I might have to disappoint you in this regard. Up until now we didn’t encounter any challenges where we wished for a different solution. (if you for instance consider document based or relational databases as a different solution).

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Thank You Joschka! I get your point.
So, would you say that GraphQL is the ultimate sword you have wielded till date?