Keynote Speaker: Captain Scott Kelly

Question: how has your time in space personally affected your eyesight?

Question: Do you think it would be likely for somebody with solely a computer science career to become an astronaut?

This lockdown and quarantine has been a tough time for lot of people around the world because of the limited or no human contact in some case and it is also leading to mental health issue . How did you kept yourself mentally fit in space where you have very limited human interaction and pretty much locked up in a limited space .

Dear kelly,what you find physical change differences in you and your brother as you came back??were you having mental and phyical feelings than him,did you feel younger or felt got elder as you returend back??
what are challanges for us to live in frees space,as we will sure run out of places here…
how bout creating homes on orbit,is that feasible,or in the moon ,??

Hello Sir, I really want to know how to become Astronaut? because everyone sees this dream when we were a child or in adult too.

Its always an absolute honour to hear you.
Two questions:

  1. Were/are there any follow up missions based on the results of the Twin Study. If yes, could you please shed some light on the these follow up mission/studies objectives.

  2. How do you see the future personally with respect to Space Frontier?

Thanks a lot and again an honour to hear you.
Ad Astra.
Nisheet Singh

Any thoughts on the upcoming reality of ~100,000 LEO satellites for the sole purpose of providing internet service on earth? Good idea? Space pollution?

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Is solar storms dangerous on ISS? And
How do you protect the ISS against space junk?

Thanks for sharing all your story, Cap Kelly! Qs, what do you think of SpaceX’s Starlink initiatives? Pros and Cons thoughts are all welcome!

what does he think about spacex?

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Sir, you said you watched movie in space.
Do you do celebrations out there now and then or are there just power naps?
And what about happy hours? :smiley:

My identical twin 15 yr old sons are very interested in what you’re sharing today! Thank you.

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