Keynote Speaker: Captain Scott Kelly

Introducing Captain Scott Kelly

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It’s official.

Captain Scott Kelly will join the GraphQL In Space Conference and phone in a talk from the “International Space Station”. As a NASA astronaut and an engineer himself, Captain Kelly has been an inspiration to us all by pushing the limit for the entire humankind and has gone where no one has gone before.

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From your quote:

“After spending a year in space, I was absolutely inspired that if we can dream it, we can do it…and most importantly, if we work as a team, because teamwork makes the dream work. The sky is not the limit.”[70]

Where do you see the future of GraphQL amidst the competition for the Graph Architecture? Do you see eventually one connected graph of data?

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A question for Mr. Kelly.
The international space station is a collaboration between several countries, and it might have been a challenge to share data with each other. What techniques do you use to consistently and sanely keep all parties of such a complex collaboration in sync and semantically connected?



  1. You’ve seen our pale blue dot from outside of it. How has that changed your perspective of life on Earth?
  2. Does space taste like a raspberry and smells of burning rum?
  3. Have there been any long term side effects that you attribute from your year in space that you may not have noted when writing your book? Reading the descriptions of your ankle squishing like a water balloon was very unnerving.
  4. What is your mission now that you are retired?
  5. What was your/your brother’s reaction to Gabby Gifford getting shot while you were both in space?
  6. Do you still keep in contact with your Cosmonaut comrades? Has modern political discourse soured the friendships?

How different space really is from what we have been shown in movies like Gravity, Martian or Interstellar?


My question: How frequently did you encounter panic situations at the Space Station? Did you always have a plan for every such panic situation (may be discussed with you during the training)? Was there a situation when you did not have a plan? What was going through your mind then and how did you overcome such a situation? Can you tell us about one such incidence?


My Questions:

  1. What is the coolest thing that you experienced up there?
  2. What was the most unexpected incident that happened there during your stay in space?
  3. You have lived outside the earth for quite a long period, away from most of the earthly things. Did this stay made a change on your perspective towards life (and things). If yes, what is that?

What’s the most fun thing to do in a zero-G environment? Could you tell us about your experience with high-G training?

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  1. Being in space has many effects on health, both mentally and physically. I have read, that getting a good sleep in space is one the most difficult thing. As per one document, astronauts used to take sleeping pills but still couldn’t get proper sleep. Similarly, other factors like stress, weight loss, etc are quite common for astronauts. Considering the pandemic, and many organizations talking about mental health of their employee, what would you suggest to people as well as organizations to manage good mental health.

  2. You and your brother Mark form an elite pair as the only siblings to both have traveled in space. Being identical twins, you voluntarily took part in a study to analyze the impact of space exploration (source). Can you please share your experience with the study like which result worries you and which results made you excited?


Hello Scott! Been a big fan of yours since a long time. Now technology & space has always been married. My question might sound silly but why Graph? What is the sole sword that Graph wields?

Thanks & looking forward to your note!


My questions for Mr Scott Kelly are

  1. What made you want to become an engineer?

  2. What advice would you give college seniors like my self ?

  3. What it is like in the international space station?


Questions to Mr. Kelly:

-What is the most thing you missed when you were in space?

-Do you think in the near future will be possible to see normal people jumping on a rocket and reach the space without being an astronaut?

-What kind of advice would you give to someone who is going for the first time in space?

  • Do you think Industrial Designers has the potential or the abilities to help people going to space and make their journey much more comfortable, bearable and easier?

-What improvements could make a travel to space more bearable for an astronaut?



Have you had MRIs or other tests to see if your brain had change it’s space perception?
If yes, what did your learn?

Thank you


Our 1st grade class from Fernbank Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia is planning to attend your discussion during our Distrance Learning time. We have read your book, ‘My Journey to the Stars’ and can’t wait to hear more of your stories and to learn from the knowledge that you share. Our questions are:
-Why is the work of astronauts and engineers important?
-What kinds of things do children need to focus on learning in order to become an astronaut and/or engineer?
-What was your favorite class when you were in 1st grade, and do you still use the information you learned in it now?
-Do you think in the near future large numbers of humans will live in outer space and if so where?


While being in ISS, after how many minutes you see sunrise and sunsets.?

Is the ancient RAM SETU (bridge) connecting southern India and northern Sri Lanka from the Ramayana visible from space?

A lot of rumours about temperature of space are being aired all over the globe,
But capt. Is it true that the side of our body facing the sun in extremely hotter and the back is extremely colder?

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It would be a great experience to get my enquiries clarified by Captain Scott Kelly during the live conference…:slightly_smiling_face:

Q1. How is the difference felt when you go to space from earth??

Q2. What is the temperature and how is the atmosphere in space??

Q3. Are we alone in this universe?? Or there are some other living creatures in other planets similar to Earth?? What are the evidences that prove their existence…??

Q4. What do you mean by extra terrestrial intelligence?? Elaborate it.

Q5. Last, but not the least… What are the hardships that you face when you are in space??
What are the future missions that you are preparing for??


I have a few questions

  1. Did you experience Sonder?
  2. Did you listen to white noise while up there? (Like Ambient Rainfall Sound)
  3. Will playing bassy music from a super sonic boom box create sonic boom music??
  4. Did you carry any thrusters inside the shuttle in case you got stuck without contact from surface? (Like miniature propeller fans / compressed air canister / magnet attached with string around)

P.S. Based on Darwin’s theory, animals evolve their body to traverse surrounding. After moving about in space, what body structure would you consider will best help moving about in a space shuttle?

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Question: How do graphs help you in your daily work in space?