Lambda Field Resolver not working in 20.11.3

I experience currently a bug on 21.03.0 which makes my dgraph server unusable.

Therefore, I wanted to go back to 20.11.x in case that the bug does not appear there.

Unfortunately, lambda fields are not resolving for these versions.

Lambda server is running and receiving the request and also returning a result, but it seems like that the result doesn’t make it’s way back to dgraph…

"Non-nullable field 'binaryURL' (type String!) was not present in result from Dgraph. GraphQL error propagation triggered."

I want to emphasize, that this is working with 21.03.0 which I can’t use because of another bug.

What can I do now?

I guess there is some data already in your cluster which have the binaryURL value null.
You can try starting a clean database(if possible) or make binaryURL non-nullable (but you may have some other fields which are null in database and not-nullable in schema).
So, you can go with first option.