Language Support Missing in 22.0 but works in 21.12

What I want to do

Use the language support as documented here:

What I did

I tried set the schema listed in the doc, and it doesn’t work.

type Person {
     name: String   # is the auto-generated DQL predicate for this GraphQL field, unless overridden using @dgraph(pred: "...")
     nameHi: String @dgraph(pred:"") # this field exposes the value for the language tag `@hi` for the DQL predicate `` to GraphQL
     nameEn: String @dgraph(pred:"")
     nameHi_En:  String @dgraph(pred:"") # this field uses multiple language tags: `@hi` and `@en`
     nameHi_En_untag:  String @dgraph(pred:"") # as this uses `.`, it will give untagged values if there is no value for `@hi` or `@en`

After searching awhile, I found a thread that says 22.0 is based on a build that doesn’t have GraphQL language support. RFC: Allow language Tag support in GraphQL - #13 by matthewmcneely

So I tried v21.12.0 and it works!

Will this feature be port back into v22?

Whats the reason of not having this feature in v22?

This is a critical feature for us to use DGraph, and we are so close to making our use case works.

Thanks! Appreciate any help here!

Hi all,

Can someone help confirm if this feature will be available in future build.

Is it recommended if we want to use v21.12 in production?

Will the data be incompatible if we upgrade to later version in the future?



This feature will be available in future build. Thanks for reporting this defect. I will check with engineering when it could be back …

Thanks for confirming this.