Limiting a dgraph dql mutation

What I want to do

I want to add new quads to the graph, but i don’t know how to provide a query parameter to the graph.

What I did

This crashes because of size limits:

query  {
	var(func: has(TriballyMember.userId)){
		me as TriballyMember.userId
    TriballyMember.walletAddresses {
			WalletConnected.connectedWallet {
        Wallet.ownsAsset {
					AssetOwned.ownedAsset {
						ax as AxieReplica.axieId

mutation {
	set {
		uid(me) <inventoryContains> uid(ax) .

BUT I want to have :

query all($member: string) {
	all(func: eq(TriballyMember.userId, $member))

In order to select only for the TriballyMember.userId