Lots of keys with same ttl expires at the same time

If lots of keys with same ttl, expires at the same time, Will it collapse?

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I assume this is related to Badger?

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I deleted the irrelevant post about moving categories. This post is about Badger.

@cossbow are you asking about a thundering herd scenario?

The thundering herd scenario is as such: all the keys with the same TTL expires at the same time, then there is a rush to get new TTLs. This crashes badger.

The answer to that is probably not.


你是不是问关于thundering herd scenario?

Thundering herd scenario 是这样的:具有相同TTL的keys同时到期,因此急于获取新的TTL。Badger 就 crash.

若你的问题是关于这个problem, 答案是:因该不会