Malformed Rdf parsing

I was reading up the code which lexes and parses N-Quads to solve the issue.

What we do is that if the elements of the quad(Subject, Object, Predicate, Label) are not an IRI / Literal / Blank node we ignore them.

In all of the below mutations that John mentions here

  1. mutation{ set { <alice> <follows> <bob> quad . }}

  2. mutation{ set { <alice> <follows> <bob> quad pentagon . }}

  3. mutation{ set { <alice> <follows> <bob> quad pentagon . hexagonafterdot}}

Label is not set or even lexed because it’s not an IRI or a Blank node. Basically, any part of input which doesn’t start with <, " or ‘_’ isn’t lexed.

So even mutation { set { <alice> lol <follows> <bob> . }} would ignore the lol and set the S, O and P.

A solution here would be probably to throw an error if we see something which is not a IRI/Blank Node or a Literal. Thoughts @mrjn?

Throwing an error sounds like a good idea. Just confirm with the RDF spec that it’s the right thing to do.

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