Maybe a mistake on the site, or i don't understand RDF triples - what are RDF triples now? - GraphQL Tour Schema site 2

Hi, I’ve always thought this are RDF triples:

<subject> <predicate> <object> .
<0x01> <name> "Alice" .
<0x01> <dgraph.type> "Person" .

but the dgraph tutorials says that this are RDF triples too: (what I can understand)

but the tutorial says also that the data on the right are not RDF triples: (what I can’t understand)

So, is that now a mistake on the Tour, or am I understanding something wrong about RDF triples?

where’s the difference now between the 2 data in the two screenshots?

BTW, what does

{ numUids }

mean? that’s a thing I also still don’t understand

Whoops… the GraphQL tour was adapted from the DQL tour and you found evidence of that. That should link to the DQL tour of adding data as triples.

That means the number of UIDs impacted by the mutation. Somewhat similar to SQL rows effected logic. That is explained in the docs somewhere I believe, and I think I wrote about that in Dgraph Learn somewhere too.

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