Metadata to determine if there are more results

When performing pagination type queries, is there a way to determine if there are more results? I can see I can use the offset and first parameters but in the response it doesn’t tell me if there are any more results. Is this possible?

Does anyone have any ideas ?

Generally speaking, get the total count and subtract the offset.


You can do a separate block that returns the count of all and then use it to figure out if there are more still.

Let me know if you need an example

The way I solved this problem:

GraphQL query:

query PaginateParagraphs($slug: String!, $first: Int!, $offset: Int!){
  paginateParagraphs(slug: $slug, first: $first, offset: $offset) {
    speaker {
  paginateParagraphsMetadata(slug: $slug) {


  paginateParagraphs(slug: String!, first: Int!, offset: Int!): [Paragraph] @custom(dql: """
    query paginateParagraphs(func: uid(paragraphs), first: $first, offset: $offset) @cascade {
      id: uid
      speaker: Paragraph.speaker {

  paginateParagraphsMetadata(slug: String!): Metadata @custom(dql: """
    query q($slug: string) {
      var(func: type(Transcript)) @filter(eq(Transcript.slug, $slug)) {
        Transcript.paragraphs {
          a as count(uid)

      paginateParagraphsMetadata() @normalize {
        total_count : sum(val(a))

As for how to determine whether there are more results, I use SvelteQuery (Based on ReactQuery), and pass in a getNextPageParam function that calculates whether there is another page based on how many results have been fetched (no. of pages * amount of results per page), and whether this number is higher than the total_count.

  const paragraphQueryResult = useInfiniteQuery('paragraphsQuery', getParagraphs, {
    getNextPageParam: (lastGroup, pages) => {
      const total = lastGroup.paginateParagraphsMetadata.total_count;

      if (pages.length * limit >= total) {
        return undefined;
      } else {
        return pages.length * limit

Let me know if any of that doesn’t make sense.