Modelling telco network graph

As part of the project we are trying to model the telco network in dgraph, basically we have nodes which are like the junction boxes etc and the edges are the fiber/copper connecting 2 nodes.

Each of the edge has quite a few properties which we want to capture which will be used to do filtering/querying, fault propagation etc.

I am not sure how can we provide properties of the edge? Any help would be appreciated on this.

Maybe you’re talking about Facets : Edge attributes:

Thanks, that helps, is there a limit or any restrictions on the number of attributes, given its telemetry data we might have a decent number

I’m not aware of any limit, but if you encounter any restrictions, please fill up an Issue by reporting this. Knowing any needs, limitation or performance issues are important for Dgraph growth.


Facets are nice to have, but not first class citizens in Dgraph. Think of them as attachments. Most functions and indices won’t work over them.

If you want more than just basic retrieval, you should represent data in edges instead of facets. This might mean have intermediate nodes, which serve a placeholder for all the “properties” that you want to attach.

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