Multi-predicate upsert?

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Is it possible to use more than one predicate as an input to upsert? For example, modifying the example at, would it be possible to consider more than one predicate as a criteria for the upsert? Say we need “Steven Spielberg” in more than one namespace…can we do something like the following to get more specific?

  a as var(func: eq(Name, "Steven Spielberg")) @filter(eq(Namespace, "Different Domain")) @upsert

mutation {
  set {
    uid(a) <age> "70" .

This isn’t possible at the moment. You should get back an error message saying "Upsert query cannot have filters.".

If this functionality is something you would find useful, please raise a github issue and we can take a closer look.

Got it - thanks. I’ll sit on this one for now because I’m not sure yet if I really need the feature. I will submit an issue later after I’ve worked more on the use case if I think it would add a lot of value.

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We’re adding support for transactions.

Once they’re released in v0.9, you can achieve what you need easily without upsert. For that matter, there won’t be any upserts in v0.9; because txns would provide a super set of upsert functionality.

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