Multiple field search

Hi .
I want use a query for search in multiple fields in dgraph .
but i can’t find any example in dgraph document .

by example :
i have this string —> “apple computer com”
and i want search this string in 3 filed : title , firstname and lastname .
and if string match in any of filed give me response .

can you help me ?

I think Igor already has given the right response (PS. This link doesn’t work anymore)

The slack workspace is closed…could you please shed some light on how to search on multiple fields

That would be something like:

  field1 as var(func: anyofterms(title, "apple computer com"))
  field2 as var(func: anyofterms(firstname, "apple computer com"))
  field3 as var(func: anyofterms(lastname, "apple computer com"))
  q(func: uid(field1, field2, field3)) {
    products {